FEM Spotlight: Utopia Playground

This new democratic art platform celebrates the weird and wonderful, with a focus on illustration but an acceptance of all forms of art. Their latest commission is from Colombian artist La Rouge, a woman reimagining patriarchal erotic imagery through her brand of erotic art.

Some words from Utopia Playground

Utopia is commonly defined as a blissful paradise, as Nirvana or simply as the most ideal dimension your mind can fathom. We designed Utopia Playground to be a platform for the ever-expanding creative arts community. Whether it’s digital, animated or simply painted onto a canvas, we want your creations to live here. We hope for our users to gain support and feedback for their art whilst forming a community!
Asides from being a platform for art, we recently began to work with our users and other underground artists to commission our own projects. This Valentine’s Day we are very excited to collaborate with FEM Zine to showcase pieces created by La Rouge. 

Seeing La Rouge’s illustrations for the first time will be an enchanting experience for most. Her work is truly daring and bold and we at Utopia naturally wanted to dig deeper and pick the artist’s brain a little. La Rouge’s work resembles classic ‘shibari’, an ancient Japanese artistic form depicting rope bondage. This is most notably seen in the work of the Japanese photographer and contemporary artist Nobuyoshi Araki.
This Valentine’s day we collaborated with La Rouge to produce two pieces for Utopia Playground.

La Rouge Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/larouge.eroticart/

Utopia Playground Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/utopiaplayground/

Utopia Playground Website: utopiaplayground.com